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I had never been to Iceland and hadn't been sure I ever would as it looked rather cold at the time Photographers usually went!  Well this year with lock down ruining so many trips when somebody offered me a last minute trip to Iceland in the summer I jumped at it.

It is a beautiful and inspiring country but you need to be persistent to get the pictures.  Aftera lovely drive to the South East of the island we checked out some locations that are normally awesome.  Alas some sea mist was creating a murky look ratherthan the awesome we hoped for. We kept looking and suddenly the driver spotted an opportunity!  We had to trek a bit to get in position but this ended up being one of my favourite pictures of the trip. 

The organiser of the trip, Mark Andreas Jones, was also the driver and trainer in Landscape Photography. He knows Iceland so well he follows the weather so we went where the likelihood of good pictures were and he booked accomodation as we went. It made for a very personalised trip.

When we went to the north of the island we took pictures of amazing waterfalls - including Aldeyjarfoss and Godafoss.

And we finished our circular tour of Iceland by going to one of the most famous waterfalls, this time in the South West: Kirkjufellsfoss.

We finished around Rjekyavik because we had to get PCR tests before we came home (very efficiently done) so we found some sea stacks that were pretty spectacular. One of the group, Ian, walked to the edge of the cliff to give some perspective.  He is quite tall but looked tiny!

It was an exhausting but memorable trip.  I am still not sure if I want to go there in winter but I may well visit again.

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