Namibia October 2022

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Namibia October 2022
Namibia October 2022

I was lucky enough to visit Namibia for the first time last month.  I still have plenty of photos to edit but did manage to do quite a few phone ones as I went along. The cheetah above is one of the few camera ones edited so far.

The trip was organised by Rachelle Summers so was primarily about taking pictures of models in the landscape but there were plenty of opportunities to see wonderful landscapes and even some wildlife.

Namibia is a huge country with a small population.  Not surprisingly we had long drives between locations!  And saw a lot of sand in the desert! The group consisted of four photographers, two models and two (very brave and competent) drivers.

One day we visited an abandoned mining town where the sand had taken over.

Another amazing stop was Fish River Canyon, which for me was even more spectacular than the Grand Canyon.

The locations just kept coming and another favourite was Deadvlei. Just incredible!
And then there were camels and flamingos....

All in all it was an amzing (and exhausting) trip. More pictures can be seen in this gallery: Namibia pictures

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