What do Elves and Vikings have in common? I wonder(land)

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What do Elves and Vikings have in common? I wonder(land)
What do Elves and Vikings have in common?  I wonder(land)

One of the highlights of 2021 has been to finally manage to go on some of the amazing events organised by Salli Gainsford.  Such an astonishing variety and the attention to detail is second to none.

The first event in July was all about Elves and wolf hounds. Tegan Elizabeth and Marta Svetek looked amazing.

Then in August it was Vikings at Guy's Cliff near Warwick. Tegan was there again and this time Tony Lane and Katelyn Eames were looking rather threatening!

An unexpected bonus was to get to one of the Wonderland events.  Huge thanks to my friend who wasn't able to go and offered me the place.  Katelyn was there again, looking completely different and Matthew Andrews was just awesome as the Red Queen.

The final event I got to was on Halloween and was Harry Potter themed.  Tegan was there again and Ben Davies.  Tremendous fun!

Of course there are lots of other people involved in making this events happen.  To mention just a few: Shropshire Falconry for the birds of prey, Tracey Honiahaka Fowler for the dogs, Serah Eames for make-up, Mike Baker with lighting and lots of volunteer helpers. 

I am already booked on some for next year and in the meantime have enjoyed zoom sessions with free training and sharing of expertise.  For more information about these events go to www.salligainsford.co.uk/events






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